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Definitions for declare

  • verb - state firmly; "He declared that he was innocent"
  • verb - declare to be; "She was declared incompetent"; "judge held that the defendant was innocent"
  • verb - announce publicly or officially; "The President declared war"
  • verb - proclaim one's support
  • verb - state emphatically and authoritatively; "He declared that he needed more money to carry out the task he was charged with"
  • verb - make a declaration (of dutiable goods) to a customs official; "Do you have anything to declare?"
  • verb - designate (a trump suit or no-trump) with the final bid of a hand
  • verb - authorize payments of; "declare dividends"
  • Synonyms for declare

    hold announce adjudge

    Antonyms for declare

    No antonyms found for declare.

    Holonyms for declare

    No holonyms found for declare.

    Hyponyms for declare

    acknowledge certify canonise judge formalise condemn sanctify suggest take the Fifth proclaim assert swear attest opine sound off superannuate call saint cancel promulgate consecrate account advise take the Fifth Amendment exclaim avow depose take the stand speak up count out bastardize beatify pronounce strike down plead bless answer for promise sentence affirm aver depone bear witness speak out admit bastardise canonize label formalize profess hallow propose assure doom verify swan testify decree animadvert

    Hypernyms for declare

    verify swan judge proclaim authorize assert swear state exclaim authorise avow evaluate say promulgate pass affirm aver pass judgment tell play clear

    Meronyms for declare

    No meronyms found for declare.

    Sounds like declare

    declare declarer decolor decolour discolor discolour dog collar