How do you pronounce defoliate?

Pronounciation of defoliate

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Definitions for defoliate

  • verb - strip the leaves or branches from; "defoliate the trees with pesticides"
  • adjective - deprived of leaves
  • Synonyms for defoliate


    Antonyms for defoliate

    No antonyms found for defoliate.

    Holonyms for defoliate

    No holonyms found for defoliate.

    Hyponyms for defoliate

    No hyponyms found for defoliate.

    Hypernyms for defoliate

    strip denude bare denudate

    Meronyms for defoliate

    No meronyms found for defoliate.

    Sounds like defoliate

    dabbled dappled deadbolt debilitate debilitated debility deep-laid default defilade defiled deflate deflated defoliate defoliated depilate deplete depleted depopulate depopulated devaluate devalued devilwood diploid diploidy double-date double-dyed doubled doublet double date double dye