How do you pronounce elate?

Pronounciation of elate

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Definitions for elate

  • verb - fill with high spirits; fill with optimism; "Music can uplift your spirits"
  • Synonyms for elate

    lift up uplift pick up intoxicate

    Antonyms for elate


    Holonyms for elate

    No holonyms found for elate.

    Hyponyms for elate

    beatify inebriate puff thrill exhilarate exalt tickle pink

    Hypernyms for elate

    stimulate stir shake shake up excite

    Meronyms for elate

    No meronyms found for elate.

    Sounds like elate

    elate elated eld elide Eliot elite Elodea eluate elude elute eolith eyelet eyelid