How do you pronounce fixity?

Pronounciation of fixity

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Definitions for fixity

  • noun - the quality of being incapable of mutation; "Darwin challenged the fixity of species"
  • noun - the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment
  • Synonyms for fixity

    fastness fixedness immutability fixture immutableness secureness

    Antonyms for fixity

    No antonyms found for fixity.

    Holonyms for fixity

    No holonyms found for fixity.

    Hyponyms for fixity

    lodgment lodgement unalterability lodging agelessness

    Hypernyms for fixity

    unchangeableness unchangingness changelessness immovability unchangeability immovableness

    Meronyms for fixity

    No meronyms found for fixity.

    Sounds like fixity

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