How do you pronounce forgather?

Pronounciation of forgather

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Definitions for forgather

  • verb - collect in one place; "We assembled in the church basement"; "Let's gather in the dining room"
  • Synonyms for forgather

    meet gather assemble foregather

    Antonyms for forgather

    No antonyms found for forgather.

    Holonyms for forgather

    No holonyms found for forgather.

    Hyponyms for forgather

    group hive cluster crowd caucus aggroup fort constellate crowd together club meet fort up flock converge congregate convene clump turn out

    Hypernyms for forgather


    Meronyms for forgather

    No meronyms found for forgather.

    Sounds like forgather

    fabricate fabricated far-right Farragut farsighted Far East febricity ferocity ferric oxide fibrosity fireside fire code first first aid force-out forced force out forecast foreshadow foresight foresighted forest forestay forested forged forget forked fork out Forseti forsooth