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Definitions for gelatinize

  • verb - convert into gelatinous form or jelly; "hot water will gelatinize starch"
  • verb - become gelatinous or change into a jelly; "the starch gelatinized when it was heated"
  • verb - coat with gelatin
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    Antonyms for gelatinize

    No antonyms found for gelatinize.

    Holonyms for gelatinize

    No holonyms found for gelatinize.

    Hyponyms for gelatinize

    No hyponyms found for gelatinize.

    Hypernyms for gelatinize

    change surface alter modify coat

    Meronyms for gelatinize

    No meronyms found for gelatinize.

    Sounds like gelatinize

    Galatian Galton gelatin gelatine gladden gladdon glutamine gluten glutton gluttony golden goldeneye golden mean Goldman goldmine Goldoni Goldwyn gold mine guillotine gulden