How do you pronounce golem?

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Definitions for golem

  • noun - a mechanism that can move automatically
  • noun - (Jewish folklore) an artificially created human being that is given life by supernatural means
  • Synonyms for golem

    automaton robot

    Antonyms for golem

    No antonyms found for golem.

    Holonyms for golem

    No holonyms found for golem.

    Hyponyms for golem

    mechanical man android humanoid

    Hypernyms for golem

    mechanism mythical being

    Meronyms for golem

    No meronyms found for golem.

    Sounds like golem

    gag line Galan Galen galena Galilaean Galilean Galium gallamine galleon Galliano gallina gallium gallon gasolene gasoline gas line gazillion Gell-Mann Geochelone Gilman gleam glean glen Glenn glioma gloam glom gloom gloomy glum