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Definitions for gory

  • adjective - covered with blood; "a bloodstained shirt"; "a gory dagger"
  • adjective - accompanied by bloodshed; "this bitter and sanguinary war"
  • Synonyms for gory

    slaughterous bloodstained butcherly sanguinary sanguineous

    Antonyms for gory

    No antonyms found for gory.

    Holonyms for gory

    No holonyms found for gory.

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    No hyponyms found for gory.

    Hypernyms for gory

    No hypernyms found for gory.

    Meronyms for gory

    No meronyms found for gory.

    Sounds like gory

    Gaius Caesar gar gari Gary gas cooker gaucherie gaur Gauri gawker gear geezer Geiger Gerea geyser gharry giro Girru goer gore gory gouger gray gray area Grewia grey grey area grow grower Gruyere GSR