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Definitions for grifter

  • noun - a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud
  • Synonyms for grifter

    chiseller chiseler swindler gouger defrauder scammer

    Antonyms for grifter

    No antonyms found for grifter.

    Holonyms for grifter

    No holonyms found for grifter.

    Hyponyms for grifter

    cardsharper sharpy con man card sharper card shark con artist cardsharp sharper clip artist welcher card sharp sharpie confidence man welsher

    Hypernyms for grifter

    cheater trickster deceiver beguiler cheat slicker

    Meronyms for grifter

    No meronyms found for grifter.

    Sounds like grifter

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