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Definitions for guan

  • noun - any of several large turkey-like game birds of the family Cracidae; native to jungles of tropical America; resembling the curassows and valued as food
  • Synonyms for guan

    No synonyms found for guan.

    Antonyms for guan

    No antonyms found for guan.

    Holonyms for guan

    Cracidae family Cracidae

    Hyponyms for guan

    piping guan

    Hypernyms for guan

    gallinaceous bird gallinacean

    Meronyms for guan

    No meronyms found for guan.

    Sounds like guan

    G-man gagman gain gam game gamey gamin gamine gamma gammon gammy Gamow gamy ganoin ganoine Gascogne Gascony gaskin gasman gas gun gas main Gauguin Gaussian Gawain gay man gay woman gazania gean Gehenna gem