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Definitions for haecceity

  • noun - the essence that makes something the kind of thing it is and makes it different from any other
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    Antonyms for haecceity

    No antonyms found for haecceity.

    Holonyms for haecceity

    No holonyms found for haecceity.

    Hyponyms for haecceity

    No hyponyms found for haecceity.

    Hypernyms for haecceity

    heart meat nitty-gritty center heart and soul nub kernel centre inwardness pith substance essence gist marrow sum core

    Meronyms for haecceity

    No meronyms found for haecceity.

    Sounds like haecceity

    Haastia haecceity Hagada Haggada Haggadah hash head hash out Hasid Hassid hastate haste hasty haughty hawk-eyed Hawkeye State hawkweed hayseed he-goat Hecate Hecht height heist Hesiod hesitate Hestia hexad hexed high-keyed Highway Code high hat