How do you pronounce invigilation?

Pronounciation of invigilation

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Definitions for invigilation

  • noun - keeping watch over examination candidates to prevent cheating
  • Synonyms for invigilation

    No synonyms found for invigilation.

    Antonyms for invigilation

    No antonyms found for invigilation.

    Holonyms for invigilation

    No holonyms found for invigilation.

    Hyponyms for invigilation

    No hyponyms found for invigilation.

    Hypernyms for invigilation

    oversight supervision supervising superintendence

    Meronyms for invigilation

    No meronyms found for invigilation.

    Sounds like invigilation

    iambic iambus impasse impeach impious impish impose inefficacious inefficacy infix infuse inveigh invoice invoke in a pig's eye in vacuo in vogue