How do you pronounce loneliness?

Pronounciation of loneliness

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Definitions for loneliness

  • noun - a disposition toward being alone
  • noun - sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned
  • noun - the state of being alone in solitary isolation
  • Synonyms for loneliness

    solitariness forlornness aloneness desolation lonesomeness

    Antonyms for loneliness

    No antonyms found for loneliness.

    Holonyms for loneliness

    No holonyms found for loneliness.

    Hyponyms for loneliness

    friendlessness reclusiveness

    Hypernyms for loneliness

    sadness unhappiness disposition isolation temperament

    Meronyms for loneliness

    No meronyms found for loneliness.

    Sounds like loneliness

    lanolin Lillian Hellman linoleum