How do you pronounce looney?

Pronounciation of looney

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Definitions for looney

  • noun - someone deranged and possibly dangerous
  • Synonyms for looney

    weirdo crazy loony nutcase

    Antonyms for looney

    No antonyms found for looney.

    Holonyms for looney

    No holonyms found for looney.

    Hyponyms for looney

    No hyponyms found for looney.

    Hypernyms for looney

    lunatic madman maniac

    Meronyms for looney

    No meronyms found for looney.

    Sounds like looney

    lam Lama lame lamia lamina Lamium Lamna LAN lanai lane Laney lawman lawn layman lay in lean lean on leiomyoma LEM lemma Lemmon Lemna lemon lemony Lena Lenin Lennon Leon leone leonine