How do you pronounce lutenist?

Pronounciation of lutenist

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Definitions for lutenist

  • noun - a musician who plays the lute
  • Synonyms for lutenist

    lutist lutanist

    Antonyms for lutenist

    No antonyms found for lutenist.

    Holonyms for lutenist

    No holonyms found for lutenist.

    Hyponyms for lutenist

    No hyponyms found for lutenist.

    Hypernyms for lutenist

    player musician instrumentalist

    Meronyms for lutenist

    No meronyms found for lutenist.

    Sounds like lutenist

    lading latency lateness Latinesce latinise latinize lay witness leading letting lewdness lieutenancy lilting litheness lithomancy litmus loading loathing looting loudness Lowell Thomas luting Lutyens