How do you pronounce numskull?

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Definitions for numskull

  • noun - a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence
  • Synonyms for numskull

    dunce lunkhead muttonhead dunderhead hammerhead shithead blockhead knucklehead dumbass bonehead loggerhead fuckhead

    Antonyms for numskull

    No antonyms found for numskull.

    Holonyms for numskull

    No holonyms found for numskull.

    Hyponyms for numskull

    No hyponyms found for numskull.

    Hypernyms for numskull

    stupid dolt pillock stupid person pudding head stupe pudden-head dullard poor fish

    Meronyms for numskull

    No meronyms found for numskull.

    Sounds like numskull

    No words sound like numskull.