How do you pronounce pate?

Pronounciation of pate

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Definitions for pate

  • noun - the top of the head
  • noun - liver or meat or fowl finely minced or ground and variously seasoned
  • Synonyms for pate

    poll crown

    Antonyms for pate

    No antonyms found for pate.

    Holonyms for pate

    No holonyms found for pate.

    Hyponyms for pate

    foie gras pate de foie gras tonsure duck pate

    Hypernyms for pate

    upper side upside top spread top side paste

    Meronyms for pate

    No meronyms found for pate.

    Sounds like pate

    pad Padda padded paddy Padua pahautea paid Paiute Papeete pat pate path pathway patio patty paved payday pay heed pay out Pbit Pd PDA Peabody peat peaty pea pod pebibit pebibyte pedate pedwood