How do you pronounce peel?

Pronounciation of peel

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Definitions for peel

  • verb - get undressed; "please don't undress in front of everybody!"; "She strips in front of strangers every night for a living"
  • verb - come off in flakes or thin small pieces; "The paint in my house is peeling off"
  • verb - strip the skin off; "pare apples"
  • noun - the rind of a fruit or vegetable
  • noun - British politician (1788-1850)
  • Synonyms for peel

    Robert Peel Sir Robert Peel undress strip flake off discase strip down flake uncase disrobe skin unclothe peel off pare

    Antonyms for peel

    No antonyms found for peel.

    Holonyms for peel

    No holonyms found for peel.

    Hyponyms for peel

    banana peel orange peel banana skin orange rind lemon peel jacket lemon rind take off peel off flay

    Hypernyms for peel

    rind take off break away chip break off chip off strip come off

    Meronyms for peel

    No meronyms found for peel.

    Sounds like peel

    paella pail pal Palau pale palely pale ale pale yellow Pali palilalia pall pally papal papilla papule Paul Pauli Paul III pawl payable payola peafowl peal pea weevil pebble pebbly peel peephole peepul pel