How do you pronounce pinhead?

Pronounciation of pinhead

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Definitions for pinhead

  • noun - the head of a pin
  • noun - an ignorant or foolish person
  • Synonyms for pinhead

    dumbbell booby dummy dope boob

    Antonyms for pinhead

    No antonyms found for pinhead.

    Holonyms for pinhead

    No holonyms found for pinhead.

    Hyponyms for pinhead

    No hyponyms found for pinhead.

    Hypernyms for pinhead

    head simpleton simple

    Meronyms for pinhead

    No meronyms found for pinhead.

    Sounds like pinhead

    pained paint painted pain unit Panama hat panda pandowdy pant pant-hoot pantie panto panty pan out pavement payment peanut Peneidae pennant pennate penny ante pent pentad pentode phonate Piemonte Pimenta pimento pimiento pinata pine-weed