How do you pronounce poikilothermous?

Pronounciation of poikilothermous

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Definitions for poikilothermous

  • adjective - of animals except birds and mammals; having body temperature that varies with the environment
  • Synonyms for poikilothermous

    poikilothermic heterothermic ectothermic

    Antonyms for poikilothermous

    No antonyms found for poikilothermous.

    Holonyms for poikilothermous

    No holonyms found for poikilothermous.

    Hyponyms for poikilothermous

    No hyponyms found for poikilothermous.

    Hypernyms for poikilothermous

    No hypernyms found for poikilothermous.

    Meronyms for poikilothermous

    No meronyms found for poikilothermous.

    Sounds like poikilothermous

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