How do you pronounce propaedeutic?

Pronounciation of propaedeutic

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Definitions for propaedeutic

  • adjective - preceding and preparing for something; "preparatory steps"
  • noun - a course that provides an introduction to an art or science (or to more advanced study generally)
  • Synonyms for propaedeutic

    preparatory preparative propaedeutics

    Antonyms for propaedeutic

    No antonyms found for propaedeutic.

    Holonyms for propaedeutic

    No holonyms found for propaedeutic.

    Hyponyms for propaedeutic

    No hyponyms found for propaedeutic.

    Hypernyms for propaedeutic

    course of instruction class course course of study

    Meronyms for propaedeutic

    No meronyms found for propaedeutic.

    Sounds like propaedeutic

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