How do you pronounce redouble?

Pronounciation of redouble

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Definitions for redouble

  • verb - make twice as great or intense; "The screaming redoubled"
  • verb - double again; "The noise doubled and redoubled"
  • verb - double in magnitude
  • Synonyms for redouble

    No synonyms found for redouble.

    Antonyms for redouble

    No antonyms found for redouble.

    Holonyms for redouble

    No holonyms found for redouble.

    Hyponyms for redouble

    No hyponyms found for redouble.

    Hypernyms for redouble

    double duplicate intensify escalate deepen step up

    Meronyms for redouble

    No meronyms found for redouble.

    Sounds like redouble

    ratable rateable rate of flow readable readably redbelly redeploy redouble redpoll red devil red poll rewardful rotatable ruthful