How do you pronounce reflate?

Pronounciation of reflate

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Definitions for reflate

  • verb - become inflated again
  • verb - inflate again; "reflate the balloon"
  • verb - economics: raise demand
  • verb - economics: experience reflation; "The economy reflated after the Fed took extreme measures"
  • Synonyms for reflate

    No synonyms found for reflate.

    Antonyms for reflate

    No antonyms found for reflate.

    Holonyms for reflate

    No holonyms found for reflate.

    Hyponyms for reflate

    No hyponyms found for reflate.

    Hypernyms for reflate

    inflate alter billow modify blow up balloon change

    Meronyms for reflate

    No meronyms found for reflate.

    Sounds like reflate

    ravel out rebuild reevaluate reflate refloat rehabilitate replete revolt ribald rifled rippled rivulet ruffled