How do you pronounce rubberstamp?

Pronounciation of rubberstamp

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Definitions for rubberstamp

  • verb - approve automatically
  • verb - stamp with a rubber stamp
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    Antonyms for rubberstamp

    No antonyms found for rubberstamp.

    Holonyms for rubberstamp

    No holonyms found for rubberstamp.

    Hyponyms for rubberstamp

    No hyponyms found for rubberstamp.

    Hypernyms for rubberstamp

    approve stamp

    Meronyms for rubberstamp

    No meronyms found for rubberstamp.

    Sounds like rubberstamp

    reappraise reforge refresh reovirus repercuss rephrase repress reprise reprize reproach reprocess repurchase rerebrace revers reverse river horse River Kasai roof rack ropebark row of bricks rubberise rubberize rubric