silver tree

How do you pronounce silver tree?

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Definitions for silver tree

  • noun - Australian timber tree
  • noun - small South African tree with long silvery silky foliage
  • Synonyms for silver tree

    Tarrietia argyrodendron Leucadendron argenteum

    Antonyms for silver tree

    No antonyms found for silver tree.

    Holonyms for silver tree

    Leucadendron genus Leucadendron Tarrietia genus Tarrietia

    Hyponyms for silver tree

    No hyponyms found for silver tree.

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    Meronyms for silver tree

    No meronyms found for silver tree.

    Sounds like silver tree

    salivary salver salvor scalper schlepper school paper seckel pear self-aware shellfire shelver shlepper silver silverware silvery slabber slapper slaver slavery sleeper sleepover sleepwear sleep over slipover slipper slippery slip of paper sliver slivery slobber slobberer