How do you pronounce situate?

Pronounciation of situate

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Definitions for situate

  • verb - put (something somewhere) firmly; "She posited her hand on his shoulder"; "deposit the suitcase on the bench"; "fix your eyes on this spot"
  • verb - determine or indicate the place
  • Synonyms for situate

    deposit locate fix posit

    Antonyms for situate

    No antonyms found for situate.

    Holonyms for situate

    No holonyms found for situate.

    Hyponyms for situate

    acquire localize radiolocate localise bury map base sediment place

    Hypernyms for situate

    place determine pose find put position find out set lay ascertain

    Meronyms for situate

    No meronyms found for situate.

    Sounds like situate

    No words sound like situate.