How do you pronounce skyrocket?

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Definitions for skyrocket

  • verb - shoot up abruptly
  • noun - sends a firework display high into the sky
  • noun - propels bright light high in the sky
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    Antonyms for skyrocket

    No antonyms found for skyrocket.

    Holonyms for skyrocket

    No holonyms found for skyrocket.

    Hyponyms for skyrocket

    No hyponyms found for skyrocket.

    Hypernyms for skyrocket

    firework pyrotechnic visual signal arise uprise move up rise go up lift come up

    Meronyms for skyrocket

    No meronyms found for skyrocket.

    Sounds like skyrocket

    saccharic acid sacristy Sarasota sarcoid scarcity scare quote scorched sea-rocket segregate segregated shrew-sized shrieked skyrocket Soricidae source code square-jawed square-rigged squash racket squash racquet sugar-coated sugarcoat surcoat Suricata suricate surrogate