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Definitions for slenderness

  • noun - the property of an attractively thin person
  • noun - relatively small dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width; "the tenuity of a hair"; "the thinness of a rope"
  • noun - the quality of being slight or inadequate; "he knew the slenderness of my wallet"; "the slenderness of the chances that anything would be done"; "the slenderness of the evidence"
  • Synonyms for slenderness

    thinness tenuity slightness slimness

    Antonyms for slenderness

    No antonyms found for slenderness.

    Holonyms for slenderness

    No holonyms found for slenderness.

    Hyponyms for slenderness

    No hyponyms found for slenderness.

    Hypernyms for slenderness

    spareness deficiency dimension leanness insufficiency thinness inadequacy

    Meronyms for slenderness

    No meronyms found for slenderness.

    Sounds like slenderness

    SACLANT salient Salientia salinate salinity salmonid Salmonidae salmwood schoolmate sealant Seeland sex-limited sex gland shell entity silent Sjaelland slant slant-eye slanted slimed social unit solemnity Solenidae solenoid Solent soul mate succulent Sulamyd Swaziland swollen-headed