small cap

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Definitions for small cap

  • noun - a character having the form of an upper-case letter but the same height as lower-case letters
  • noun - a corporation with a small capitalization; "this annual conference is a showcase for ambitious small caps"
  • Synonyms for small cap

    small capital

    Antonyms for small cap

    No antonyms found for small cap.

    Holonyms for small cap

    No holonyms found for small cap.

    Hyponyms for small cap

    No hyponyms found for small cap.

    Hypernyms for small cap

    uppercase corp upper-case letter capital majuscule capital letter corporation

    Meronyms for small cap

    No meronyms found for small cap.

    Sounds like small cap

    Samolus schmalz schmalzy seamanlike seamless seismologic seismology semiology shameless signalise signalize Sinhalese sinless Sinology skim milk skinless smallish Smilacaceae smilax somniloquy soya milk soymilk squamulose sunless