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Pronounciation of somatesthesia

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Definitions for somatesthesia

  • noun - the faculty of bodily perception; sensory systems associated with the body; includes skin senses and proprioception and the internal organs
  • noun - the perception of tactual or proprioceptive or gut sensations; "he relied on somesthesia to warn him of pressure changes"
  • Synonyms for somatesthesia

    somaesthesia somatic sensory system somaesthesis somatic sense somesthesia somataesthesis somatic sensation somesthesis somatosensory system

    Antonyms for somatesthesia

    No antonyms found for somatesthesia.

    Holonyms for somatesthesia

    No holonyms found for somatesthesia.

    Hyponyms for somatesthesia

    touch perception feeling of movement tingling pain sensation skin perceptiveness feeling pressure painful sensation tactual sensation kinesthesia prickling pressure sensation temperature tactility kinaesthesia tingle pain

    Hypernyms for somatesthesia

    interoception perception

    Meronyms for somatesthesia

    No meronyms found for somatesthesia.

    Sounds like somatesthesia

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