How do you pronounce stolidness?

Pronounciation of stolidness

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Definitions for stolidness

  • noun - an indifference to pleasure or pain
  • Synonyms for stolidness

    stoicism stolidity

    Antonyms for stolidness

    No antonyms found for stolidness.

    Holonyms for stolidness

    No holonyms found for stolidness.

    Hyponyms for stolidness

    No hyponyms found for stolidness.

    Hypernyms for stolidness

    unemotionality emotionlessness

    Meronyms for stolidness

    No meronyms found for stolidness.

    Sounds like stolidness

    saddled satellite scheduled sedulity settled skid lid sodalite sodality stealth stealthy stellate Stellite stiletto stilt stilted stolid stolidity stylet stylite