subclass Liliidae

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Definitions for subclass Liliidae

  • noun - one of four subclasses or superorders of Monocotyledones; comprises 17 families including: Liliaceae; Alliaceae; Amaryllidaceae; Iridaceae; Orchidaceae; Trilliaceae
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    No antonyms found for subclass Liliidae.

    Holonyms for subclass Liliidae

    Monocotyledones Liliopsida class Monocotyledones class Liliopsida Monocotyledonae class Monocotyledonae

    Hyponyms for subclass Liliidae

    No hyponyms found for subclass Liliidae.

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    Meronyms for subclass Liliidae

    liliid monocot family Liliales liliid monocot genus order Liliales Orchidales order Orchidales

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