How do you pronounce teller?

Pronounciation of teller

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Definitions for teller

  • noun - someone who tells a story
  • noun - an employee of a bank who receives and pays out money
  • noun - an official appointed to count the votes (especially in legislative assembly)
  • noun - United States physicist (born in Hungary) who worked on the first atom bomb and the first hydrogen bomb (1908-2003)
  • Synonyms for teller

    cashier bank clerk narrator vote counter storyteller Edward Teller

    Antonyms for teller

    No antonyms found for teller.

    Holonyms for teller

    No holonyms found for teller.

    Hyponyms for teller

    fabulist griot anecdotist canvasser raconteur

    Hypernyms for teller

    utterer official verbalizer functionary speaker verbaliser talker banker

    Meronyms for teller

    No meronyms found for teller.

    Sounds like teller

    tailor talaria tattler Taylor teetotaler teetotaller teller tiddler tiler tiller titular titulary toddler toiler toller tutelar tutelary twaddler twiddler Tyler