How do you pronounce tick-weed?

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Definitions for tick-weed

  • noun - any of numerous plants of the genus Coreopsis having a profusion of showy usually yellow daisylike flowers over long periods; North and South America
  • Synonyms for tick-weed

    coreopsis tickseed tickweed

    Antonyms for tick-weed

    No antonyms found for tick-weed.

    Holonyms for tick-weed

    genus Coreopsis

    Hyponyms for tick-weed

    Coreopsis maritima giant coreopsis calliopsis Coreopsis gigantea Coreopsis tinctoria sea dahlia

    Hypernyms for tick-weed

    herb herbaceous plant

    Meronyms for tick-weed

    No meronyms found for tick-weed.

    Sounds like tick-weed

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