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Pronounciation of travesty

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Definitions for travesty

  • verb - make a travesty of
  • noun - a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style
  • noun - a comedy characterized by broad satire and improbable situations
  • Synonyms for travesty

    spoof burlesque farce sendup charade farce comedy parody mockery pasquinade lampoon takeoff put-on

    Antonyms for travesty

    No antonyms found for travesty.

    Holonyms for travesty

    No holonyms found for travesty.

    Hyponyms for travesty

    No hyponyms found for travesty.

    Hypernyms for travesty

    comedy caricature imitation impersonation parody spoof burlesque

    Meronyms for travesty

    No meronyms found for travesty.

    Sounds like travesty

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