How do you pronounce tuberosity?

Pronounciation of tuberosity

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Definitions for tuberosity

  • noun - a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament
  • Synonyms for tuberosity

    tubercle eminence

    Antonyms for tuberosity

    No antonyms found for tuberosity.

    Holonyms for tuberosity

    No holonyms found for tuberosity.

    Hyponyms for tuberosity

    deltoid tuberosity deltoid eminence

    Hypernyms for tuberosity

    appendage process outgrowth

    Meronyms for tuberosity

    No meronyms found for tuberosity.

    Sounds like tuberosity

    Tabriz tapa bark Tapirus tappa bark tea break Tephrosia Tiberius toad frog toothbrush top brass tovarich tovarisch to be precise Tuberaceae tuberose tuberous