How do you pronounce unasterisked?

Pronounciation of unasterisked

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Definitions for unasterisked

  • adjective - not marked with an asterisk; "unasterisked items"
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    Antonyms for unasterisked

    No antonyms found for unasterisked.

    Holonyms for unasterisked

    No holonyms found for unasterisked.

    Hyponyms for unasterisked

    No hyponyms found for unasterisked.

    Hypernyms for unasterisked

    No hypernyms found for unasterisked.

    Meronyms for unasterisked

    No meronyms found for unasterisked.

    Sounds like unasterisked

    unaged unagitated unannounced unasked unassisted uncaused unchaste unchecked uncoated uncooked uncouth uncut unengaged unexceeded unexcited unexcused unexhausted unguided ungusseted unhinged unionised unionist unionized union suit unjust unkeyed unmixed unquiet unsaid unsated