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Definitions for whin

  • noun - any of various hard colored rocks (especially rocks consisting of chert or basalt)
  • noun - small Eurasian shrub having clusters of yellow flowers that yield a dye; common as a weed in Britain and the United States; sometimes grown as an ornamental
  • noun - very spiny and dense evergreen shrub with fragrant golden-yellow flowers; common throughout western Europe
  • Synonyms for whin

    dyer's greenweed woadwaxen Irish gorse dyer's-broom Genista tinctoria Ulex europaeus whinstone dyeweed gorse woodwaxen greenweed furze

    Antonyms for whin

    No antonyms found for whin.

    Holonyms for whin

    Ulex genus Ulex Genista genus Genista

    Hyponyms for whin

    No hyponyms found for whin.

    Hypernyms for whin

    broom shrub rock bush stone

    Meronyms for whin

    No meronyms found for whin.

    Sounds like whin

    wain wan wane Wayne wean weenie weeny wen wham whammy whim whin whine whiney whinny whiny win wine winey winnow wino winy WMO WNW woman won Wuhan Wynnea