What sounds like Ostrya?

Sounds like Ostrya

oak tree octroi ostiary Ostrea Ostrya ouster oyster

Definitions for Ostrya

  • noun - deciduous monoecious trees of Europe and Asia and America; sometimes placed in subfamily or family Carpinaceae
  • Pronounciation of Ostrya

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    Synonyms for Ostrya

    genus Ostrya

    Antonyms for Ostrya

    No antonyms found for Ostrya.

    Holonyms for Ostrya

    birch family Betulaceae family Betulaceae

    Hyponyms for Ostrya

    No hyponyms found for Ostrya.

    Hypernyms for Ostrya

    hamamelid dicot genus

    Meronyms for Ostrya

    Ostrya carpinifolia Ostrya virginiana Eastern hop hornbeam hop hornbeam ironwood Old World hop hornbeam ironwood tree