What sounds like Pholidota?

Sounds like Pholidota

No words sound like Pholidota.

Definitions for Pholidota

  • noun - pangolins; in some former classifications included in the order Edentata
  • noun - genus of mostly epiphytic orchids of Indonesia and the western Pacific
  • Pronounciation of Pholidota

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    Synonyms for Pholidota

    order Pholidota genus Pholidota

    Antonyms for Pholidota

    No antonyms found for Pholidota.

    Holonyms for Pholidota

    Orchidaceae family Orchidaceae Eutheria orchid family subclass Eutheria

    Hyponyms for Pholidota

    No hyponyms found for Pholidota.

    Hypernyms for Pholidota

    liliopsid genus animal order monocot genus

    Meronyms for Pholidota

    rattlesnake orchid Manidae family Manidae