What sounds like Tbit?

Sounds like Tbit

taffeta Taft taped tapped tappet tap out Tbit teapot Tebet tebibit tebibyte tepid tepidity Tevet theft Theobid Thevetia the boot Thibet Tibet Tibit tidbit tipped tippet tippytoe tiptoe titbit titivate tittivate Tobit

Definitions for Tbit

  • noun - a unit of information equal to 1000 gigabits or 10^12 (1
  • Pronounciation of Tbit

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    Synonyms for Tbit

    terabit Tb

    Antonyms for Tbit

    No antonyms found for Tbit.

    Holonyms for Tbit

    No holonyms found for Tbit.

    Hyponyms for Tbit

    No hyponyms found for Tbit.

    Hypernyms for Tbit

    computer memory unit

    Meronyms for Tbit

    No meronyms found for Tbit.