Texas star

What sounds like Texas star?

Sounds like Texas star

No words sound like Texas star.

Definitions for Texas star

  • noun - Texas annual with coarsely pinnatifid leaves; cultivated for its showy radiate yellow flower heads
  • noun - prairie herb with solitary lilac-colored flowers
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    Synonyms for Texas star

    Lindheimera texana prairia Sabbatia Sabbatia campestris

    Antonyms for Texas star

    No antonyms found for Texas star.

    Holonyms for Texas star

    Lindheimera genus Lindheimera

    Hyponyms for Texas star

    No hyponyms found for Texas star.

    Hypernyms for Texas star

    flower sabbatia

    Meronyms for Texas star

    No meronyms found for Texas star.