What sounds like antithesis?

Sounds like antithesis

No words sound like antithesis.

Definitions for antithesis

  • noun - the juxtaposition of contrasting words or ideas to give a feeling of balance
  • noun - exact opposite; "his theory is the antithesis of mine"
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    Synonyms for antithesis

    No synonyms found for antithesis.

    Antonyms for antithesis

    No antonyms found for antithesis.

    Holonyms for antithesis

    No holonyms found for antithesis.

    Hyponyms for antithesis

    No hyponyms found for antithesis.

    Hypernyms for antithesis

    oppositeness rhetorical device opposition

    Meronyms for antithesis

    No meronyms found for antithesis.