What sounds like bagnio?

Sounds like bagnio

backgammon bacon baggageman bagman bagnio Bahaism Bakunin basin bassine bassoon Bayesian BB gun beach waggon beach wagon beacon Bechuana beckon become beechen begin begonia beguine begum beseem besom Bewick's swan bigamy biggin Bignonia big game

Definitions for bagnio

  • noun - a building containing public baths
  • noun - a building where prostitutes are available
  • Pronounciation of bagnio

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    Synonyms for bagnio

    bathhouse house of prostitution sporting house whorehouse house of ill repute brothel bawdyhouse bordello cathouse

    Antonyms for bagnio

    No antonyms found for bagnio.

    Holonyms for bagnio

    No holonyms found for bagnio.

    Hyponyms for bagnio

    sudatorium sudatory massage parlor

    Hypernyms for bagnio

    house building edifice

    Meronyms for bagnio

    No meronyms found for bagnio.