What sounds like bandage?

Sounds like bandage

bandage banded gecko bandsaw band saw beam-ends Bemidji bends benedick Bennettitaceae Bennettitis benthic benthos Bob Mathias bondage bonduc bond issue boondocks bounds bounteous

Definitions for bandage

  • verb - dress by covering or binding; "The nurse bandaged a sprained ankle"; "bandage an incision"
  • verb - wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose
  • noun - a piece of soft material that covers and protects an injured part of the body
  • Pronounciation of bandage

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    Synonyms for bandage

    patch bind

    Antonyms for bandage

    No antonyms found for bandage.

    Holonyms for bandage

    No holonyms found for bandage.

    Hyponyms for bandage

    adhesive bandage plaster bandage four-tailed bandage sling suspensory bandage capeline bandage compression bandage immovable bandage scarf bandage swathe cast tourniquet oblique bandage triangular bandage wrapping plaster cast elastic bandage roller bandage suspensory truss ligate

    Hypernyms for bandage

    medical dressing dressing fasten fix secure dress

    Meronyms for bandage

    No meronyms found for bandage.