What sounds like bandsaw?

Sounds like bandsaw

bandage banded gecko bandsaw band saw beam-ends Bemidji bends benedick Bennettitaceae Bennettitis benthic benthos Bob Mathias bondage bonduc bond issue boondocks bounds bounteous

Definitions for bandsaw

  • noun - an endless saw consisting of a toothed metal band that is driven around two wheels
  • Pronounciation of bandsaw

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    Synonyms for bandsaw

    band saw

    Antonyms for bandsaw

    No antonyms found for bandsaw.

    Holonyms for bandsaw

    No holonyms found for bandsaw.

    Hyponyms for bandsaw

    No hyponyms found for bandsaw.

    Hypernyms for bandsaw

    power saw saw sawing machine

    Meronyms for bandsaw

    No meronyms found for bandsaw.