What sounds like barber?

Sounds like barber

Barbarea Barbary barber barberry barbwire bearberry beaver fur Berber beriberi bravery bravura breviary briber bribery Burberry

Definitions for barber

  • verb - perform the services of a barber: cut the hair and/or beard of
  • noun - a hairdresser who cuts hair and shaves beards as a trade
  • noun - United States composer (1910-1981)
  • Pronounciation of barber

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    Synonyms for barber

    Samuel Barber

    Antonyms for barber

    No antonyms found for barber.

    Holonyms for barber

    No holonyms found for barber.

    Hyponyms for barber

    No hyponyms found for barber.

    Hypernyms for barber

    hairstylist stylist styler hairdresser groom neaten

    Meronyms for barber

    No meronyms found for barber.