What sounds like barde?

Sounds like barde

Babe Ruth baby bird bard barde bared bareheaded barite barred barrette Bart Barth baryta Bayard Bayrut bay wreath beard bearded bearwood bear out beaver rat beebread beef broth beef burrito Beirut berate beret Berit Berith berretta berried

Definitions for barde

  • verb - put a caparison on; "caparison the horses for the festive occasion"
  • Pronounciation of barde

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    Synonyms for barde

    dress up caparison bard

    Antonyms for barde

    No antonyms found for barde.

    Holonyms for barde

    No holonyms found for barde.

    Hyponyms for barde

    No hyponyms found for barde.

    Hypernyms for barde

    grace ornament decorate embellish adorn beautify

    Meronyms for barde

    No meronyms found for barde.