What sounds like begonia?

Sounds like begonia

backgammon bacon baggageman bagman bagnio Bahaism Bakunin basin bassine bassoon Bayesian BB gun beach waggon beach wagon beacon Bechuana beckon become beechen begin begonia beguine begum beseem besom Bewick's swan bigamy biggin Bignonia big game

Definitions for begonia

  • noun - any of numerous plants of the genus Begonia grown for their attractive glossy asymmetrical leaves and colorful flowers in usually terminal cymes or racemes
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    Synonyms for begonia

    No synonyms found for begonia.

    Antonyms for begonia

    No antonyms found for begonia.

    Holonyms for begonia

    genus Begonia

    Hyponyms for begonia

    Begonia cocchinea beefsteak begonia star begonia king begonia wax begonia Christmas begonia grape-leaf begonia kidney begonia star-leaf begonia painted-leaf begonia Begonia semperflorens fibrous-rooted begonia blooming-fool begonia maple-leaf begonia Begonia erythrophylla Begonia heracleifolia beefsteak geranium Socotra begonia tuberous begonia Begonia cheimantha angel-wing begonia Begonia dregei Begonia feastii rex begonia Begonia rex Begonia socotrana rhizomatous begonia

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    No meronyms found for begonia.