What sounds like chandelle?

Sounds like chandelle

caimitillo Canada lily candela candelilla candidly candle canoodle cantala cantle casino-hotel cental centile chandelle coconut oil cohune-nut oil Comatula committal Conan Doyle condole condyle

Definitions for chandelle

  • noun - a flight maneuver consisting of a steep climbing turn executed to gain altitude while changing direction
  • verb - climb suddenly and steeply; "The airplane chandelled"
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    Synonyms for chandelle

    No synonyms found for chandelle.

    Antonyms for chandelle

    No antonyms found for chandelle.

    Holonyms for chandelle

    No holonyms found for chandelle.

    Hyponyms for chandelle

    No hyponyms found for chandelle.

    Hypernyms for chandelle

    flight maneuver airplane maneuver lift come up arise uprise move up rise go up

    Meronyms for chandelle

    No meronyms found for chandelle.